THE GREEN INFORNO mobile pizza wagon was established to provide quality pizza made with fresh ingredients to those who "LOVE" pizza like we do. THE GREEN INFORNO is a Neapolitan style pizza made in an "old world" style oven and we use the freshest ingredients. WE CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE YOU TRY IT!


WEDNESDAY'S            5:30-8:30pm     Seymour     

(Across from Super Stop)

We will resume service in MUNDAY and OLNEY sometime after the new year!!!!  

Road Side Service

We are proud to serve Seymour TX every Wednesday (5:30-8:30)  With a full line of items including: pizza, cheesy bread, dessert options and drinks! COME SEE US!!

610 N. Main SEYMOUR TX 


Let us cater your next event. We have many options for you. We can provide a full menu of items or tailor the menu to your individual needs.

We do private parties, reunions, weddings, rehearsal dinners, appreciation luncheons and whatever else you can think of. LET US FIRE UP YOUR NEXT EVENT!!


Festivals and Community Celebrations

Find us at festivals, trade days, farmer's markets and community celebrations. THE GREEN INFORNO gives you another option at these events. LOOK FOR THE GREEN INFORNO AT YOUR NEXT GATHERING!

WOOD FIRED - 900 Degree Pizza

THE GREEN INFORNO fires pizza at over 900 degrees for a 90 second total bake time , this high temperature and rapid bake time creates a bread that can't be replicated with other ovens. This is an OLD WORLD process that dates back to the beginning of bread making. So fire up a time machine, book a trip to Naples Italy, or better yet come to Seymour TX or have us come to you and taste the magic of


"Excellent pizza!! We are lucky to have this little pizza truck in Seymour!! Yummy!!!"

Myranda B.

Satisfied customer....

"Omg the pizzas are so delicious! Went there tonight for first time and Absolutely loved them and the service was so quick!"

Sylvia R.

Another satisfied customer.....

"Best pizza we’ve ever had! Will be looking forward to Wednesday’s and Sunday’s!"

Robi K.

Satisfied Customer....

“Great tasting pizza the whole family loves!! Made quickly and fresh.” 

Stormie C.

Satisfied customer....

“Great pizza from some awesome folks! Pizza is extremely delicious and service was very fast. Thanks guys!” 

Craig M.

Another satisfied customer.....

“Love love love this pizza!! Sweet people and fast service!!” 

Tanna D.

Satisfied Customer....


610 N Main St.        Seymour TX.          940-642-0791